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1. Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)  / Tiger Shovelnose Catfish (Phseudoplatystoma Faciatium) – I’d say easily the most popular Monster fish for Aquariums. These guys both get huge, over 4′ and 100lbs. The Hybrids also get just as large, often called RTC/TSN Hybrid. Make no mistake, the hybrids are all man made not wild caught. There are numerous Tiger Shovelnose species that have varying patterns. Some of those  may be called Hybrids by mistake. Unless you’ve got a pond leave these guys alone, try a smaller species. There are plenty of them such as Raphael catfish and Pictus Catfish.

Night vision is not typically my thing as I am more into micro cameras and traditional IR flood lights used in security.
My question is that on these beacons we have tested them well at close range using basic modified camera gear, but for point to point surveillance at a range of 1- miles I’m wondering what’s best. Given the strobes emit a huge pulse from 8 LEDs, I’m wondering what should do the trick to simply be able to wear or use that would easy pick up on these when they trigger in a valley floor scenario with watchers up top?

Where can you buy testosterone pills

where can you buy testosterone pills


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