Vocal eq effects

Consider vocal dynamics as the changing volume levels in which a vocalist sings during a song.  These changes can be detrimental to your mix but they can also be beneficial, it all depends on the intent of the song arrangement and the quality of the singer.  For example, a vocalist can raise their volume at a critical part of a song and that adds to the emotional impact at that time.  There are also the tell-tale signs a singer isn’t comfortable singing a song when they belt out the chorus but their volume drops significantly when it comes to the verses.  You might even hear a bit of hesitation in their voice.  You can’t control everything.

Right. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s crude. I don’t care. Once you hear this totally bonkers delay in action, you won’t give a damn either. To work this percussion-focussed delay VST, you just move the little love-hearts that cover the cartoon boobies around to find bizarre filter/drive/delay combinations . The fun part is, it doesn’t tell you what you’re changing… It’s up to you to ‘hear’ what sounds good, rather than dialing in something you ‘think’ is right.

Vocal eq effects

vocal eq effects


vocal eq effectsvocal eq effectsvocal eq effectsvocal eq effectsvocal eq effects