Testosterone too low

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it's actually easier to get lower T pre-op than post, in post-op life almost everyone stops taking blockers and then the adrenal gland is what remains to create testosterone. however since the HPG-AXIS feedback mechanism is now lacking the G (gonads) aspect, the endocrine system is kinda retarded and so SHBG rises, which allocates a much higher percentage of Total T then usual, leaving very little free... but since there's no blockers involved, that Free T is actually able to do something. YMMV as usual... but in any case there's less restriction compared to pre-op.

There are several relatively simple lifestyle changes a woman can make that might elevate T levels. Most obviously, if a woman believes her birth control pills are causing a problem and she feels she can adjust to a different type of birth control, she might stop using them (if indeed she's using them exclusively to prevent conception). She might also reevaluate her need for any of the various medications I mentioned, and perhaps seek alternatives that might not affect testosterone levels. For instance, there's some evidence that the antidepressant wellbutrin actually increases libido, but whether it helps the sex mojo through raising T levels or by some other mechanism isn't well understood.

Testosterone too low

testosterone too low


testosterone too lowtestosterone too lowtestosterone too lowtestosterone too lowtestosterone too low