Testesterone levels

For bulking, go with a Nitrocut/Testofuel/Creatine. Nitrocut is a non-stimulant pre workout, Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster, and Creatine gives your muscles the power to push more weight. When it’s time to cut, switch out the creatine for a non-stimulant weight loss supplement. Try Quadralean . For great meal and workout help, sign up for my free “getting strong” and “getting ripped” ebooks. They’re very similar to each other, but one is geared toward bulking, the other toward cutting.

That all sounds good. The digital rectal exam would show some abnormalities that would be of concern. The higher PSA could be an infection - or even prostatitus which I had. That caused my PSA to be elevated. The biopsy is what determined that I had the cancer cells and of what type. For me, the biopsy was not pleasant. Other men in these discussions said theirs was not particularly painful. I think I didn't get a good preparation to numb the area. If you end up having to have a biopsy, be sure to ask what kind of preparation to numb the area would be. I had 12 core samples taken - 2 of which showed the abnormal cells. With your relatively low PSA numbers, if you do have cancer cells, it would be curable. Just keep that in mind. Let us know how you do.

Thank you for writing. Yes at 53 you are either peri menopausal or menopausal – either way you need support. Put insulin resistance on top of that and it’s a harder battle. What I would need to see is an FSH:LH ratio along with the female hormone panel (estradiol, progesterone, free T3, free T4, TSH, SHBG and an A1C level). You don’t need to repeat your D3 until you’ve been on it for a month. Once you have these levels, your doctor will treat Insulin Resistance with either peri or post menopausal hormone therapy and optimize your thyroid hormones as well.
~ Dr. Ramsey

Testesterone levels

testesterone levels


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