Test testosterone levels

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Hey Mike, I’m sure it’s somewhere in the podcasts but I’ve been researching for months (literally) and I’m getting worn out with it all so I’m just going to ask directly.
I’ve been pretty physically fit the majority of my life and have done so with an excessive amount of work, tired of the guys it comes so easy for. Unfortunately the last few years I’ve felt something missing in my drive so I started looking in to TRT. I went to a male aging clinic and the Doc convinced me my T was low but I felt more like he was interested in selling something and not so much my health. So I contacted an internet supplier, they referred me to another Dr. that I feel more comfortable with but still kind of getting a “used car salesman vibe”. I went ahead with it, they sent me some Test Cyp. 100ml every 7 days was the recommended dose and I’ve had it here a few days now and have been hesitant about taking it. I’ve heard a lot of “once you start it you’ll go through a bout of depression if you stop” which I don’t think I’d handle well as I can be a little down on myself to begin with and get discouraged easily. Also what I’m interested in is not only feeling good and energized but I would really like to get in the kind of shape I’ve been working for all these years and not gotten the results. Furthermore, my sex drive has always been top notch, erections as well and I’m a little concerned that if I start TRT and stop at some point my ever ready boner may be only a memory. Haha
Don’t think I’d stop if it was working but after blood thickening stories feel like I may not have a choice if push came to shove. Biggest issue, after hearing what some guys T level is, I’m not even sure mine is needing TRT. I’m 35, 5’8″ 183, probably about 20% body fat right now.
Total T: 574
Free T:
And remember seeing my estrogen level but can’t think of what it was off hand. Instead interested in going through your podcasts to learn more but I’ve been at it for months trying to get answers and I’ve got a months supply of test Cyp sitting in my closet that I’m worried about using because of these issues and I’d like to get on the road to recovery but this has all been HUGELY time consuming and I feel done anything but read and listen to people’s agenda for the last three months. I’m missing workouts, screwing up at work just trying to get some straight answeres. You seem “in the know” and I’d really appreciate hearing what you have to say.

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Test testosterone levels

test testosterone levels


test testosterone levelstest testosterone levelstest testosterone levelstest testosterone levelstest testosterone levels