Low t medication side effects

The occurrence of early symptoms calls for prompt and, if necessary, repeated administration of some form of carbohydrate. Patients should always carry a quick source of sugar, such as candy mints or glucose tablets. The prompt treatment of mild hypoglycemic symptoms can prevent severe hypoglycemic reactions. If the patient does not improve or if administration of carbohydrate is impossible, Glucagon should be given or the patient should be treated with intravenous glucose at a medical facility. Glucagon, a naturally occurring substance produced by the pancreas, is helpful because it enables the patient to produce his/her own blood glucose to correct the hypoglycemia.

“Certain antidepressants , like Cymbalta [ duloxetine ], and anti-seizure medications, like Lyrica [ pregabalin ] or Neurontin [ gabapentin ] have been shown to be beneficial for nerve symptoms,” explains Jung. Another class of antidepressants , known as tricyclics -- including amitriptyline ( Elavil ) and nortriptyline ( Pamelor ) -- also may be prescribed to manage chronic back pain. “So if you have a pinched nerve in the back, with pain that radiates down your leg, one of these medications can be very effective to quiet the nerve irritation and relieve the burning pain, numbness and tingling that are often involved.”

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Low t medication side effects

low t medication side effects


low t medication side effectslow t medication side effectslow t medication side effectslow t medication side effectslow t medication side effects