Hypogonadism natural treatment

I am 31 and have recently been diagnosed with Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism after not having a period in almost 2 years. I got my period naturally late-ish in life (16 years old) and was pretty irregular until I was 19 and started birth control pills. I was on the pill for 10 years and then, when I stopped taking it, never got my period again. My fertility specialist told me that in order to get pregnant, I will need fertility treatment because there is no way that my brain will naturally send FSH to my uterus to begin ovulation. I can’t help but believe that there is a natural way to restart that connection. Thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Transdermal testosterone patches are available in India under the brand name Androderm. Transdermal patches deliver continuous levels of testosterone over a 24-hour period. Application site reactions account for the majority of adverse effects associated with transdermal patches, with elderly men proving particularly prone to skin irritation. Local reactions include pruritus, blistering under the patch, erythema, vesicle formation, indurations, and allergic contact dermatitis. Approximately 10% of the patients discontinue patch therapy due to skin reactions.[14] In one study, 60% of the subjects discontinued the patch between weeks four and eight due to skin irritation.[15] A small percentage of patients may also experience headache, depression, and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Some patients report that the patch easily falls off and is difficult to remove from the package without good dexterity. Transdermal patches are more expensive than injections, but the convenience of use and maintenance of normal diurnal testosterone levels are advantageous. Some patients report that the patch is noisy and therefore they feel stigmatized by its presence.

Hypogonadism natural treatment

hypogonadism natural treatment


hypogonadism natural treatmenthypogonadism natural treatmenthypogonadism natural treatmenthypogonadism natural treatmenthypogonadism natural treatment