Heil eq 300

Save, save, save!  Power SDR allows you to save your customized audio and other settings with the file name of your choice.  You can save any number of custom settings depending on how you want to use your radio at any given time. But, you must save your settings or you will lose them.  I’ve made it a habit of naming my “final” settings with my call and the word “final, ., “AB4BJ_Final”.  That’s the name I give to the settings I use day-to-day.  You will find the save command under the “profiles” section in the “transmit” tab of the main setup box.  While experimenting, you might want to create a profile named “test” to preserve your known good settings in the “final” profile.  You can always rename the “test” profile as the “final” profile once you are happy with it (there’s also a check box that will allow you to auto save).  The profiles drop down box lets you switch back and forth between various transmit profiles.  The sky’s the limit, so be creative!

         I loved the high end on both capsules, but especially on the RC-35. Very smooth and "condenser-like," but without the feedback issues of many condensers. There has been some talk online of problems with stage "wash" with the Heil mics. We did not have any problems and could actually get wedges up louder than with either of the control capsules without feedback. On the whole subject of "wash" - it is a fact of life on loud stages, and my personal attitude was given definition when Robert Scovill told me (about a vocal mic from another manufacturer) that the Tom Petty stage is very loud, and if he had to have backline in the vocal mic, he wanted it to sound good. Agreed. Again, I did not find wash to be an issue but the overall tonal quality of the RC-22 and the RC-35 were better than either of the controls and if I am gonna have anything other than vocal in a vocal mic, I would prefer it sound really good.

Heil eq 300

heil eq 300


heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300