Healthy testosterone

Information from the Nurses' Health Study indicated that the combination of estrogen and androgen used to treat hypoandrogenism could increase breast cancer risk. However, other studies indicated androgens may decrease breast cancer risk. Follow-up studies on the Women's Health Initiative found women who received estrogen and no progestogen showed a significant decrease in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and breast cancer. This has caused a reconsideration of androgens added to estrogens. Still, the FDA requires demonstration of CVD and breast cancer safety for any product containing androgens or estrogen plus an androgen; that has not been done.

Ashwagandha, a woody shrub that ranges in size from boot height to something over four feet, is the subject of a monograph by the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.  According to the monograph, the herb has a history of use in ayurvedic medicine that dates back as much as 4,000 years to the teaching of renowned scholar Punarvasu Atreya, and in subsequent works that make up the ayurvedic tradition.  The name of the herb derives from Sanskrit, and means “smells like a horse”, ​ which refers to the strong smell of the root which is said to be redolent of horse sweat or urine.

Healthy testosterone

healthy testosterone


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