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3 years ago, I caught an infection (sepsis) that destroyed my mitral valve. I had the valve replaced with a tissue valve. The cause of the valve replacement was purely due to the infection, there is no other vascular or heart disease. They gave me a pacemaker right afterwards, to coordinate my intake and output heartbeats. 5 weeks later, my heart healed electrically, and the pacemaker was turned down to the point that it no longer paces. My heart has been doing all the work on its own for nearly 3 years since, and they expect that to continue to be the case. I am on no medications at all except 25mg of Losartin per day for high blood pressure. My cardiologist says I’m not pacemaker dependent (I get it checked every 6 months, and it always shows that it hasn’t been used), and that I am good to go to drive or to do whatever line of work I want with no restrictions. I’m about to have a DOT physical for a CDL. I have no other medical issues, but I’m nervous! Should the release form you provide be good enough? I’ve downloaded it and am planning on taking it to my cardiologist to fill out.

I’ve never taken neuroleptics but was put on benzos and a so-called “antidepressant” while I was in the state hospital. I was never informed of how habit forming benzos are nor about the horrible withdrawal problems associated with them. When I left the hospital I had many nice scripts for lots of benzos and the expectation was that I would stay on them forever. Benzos are supposed to be used for only a short time! I did ask about how the antidepressant would affect my sex life and was told that it had no effects on that. However, I was not told that this same antidepressant often can cause heart attacks. I ended up having a heart attack and often wonder if it was caused by this toxic drug.

Haldol i.m depot

haldol i.m depot


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