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Once you loose teeth, the bone that used to hold the teeth in begins to shrink and slowly remodel. It does this slowly throughout your life and is particularly noticeable if you have been missing teeth for a number of years, especially in the lower jaw. That’s why often patients have problems with their lower dentures and struggle to keep them in. If this sounds like something you suffer from, the first step would be to come and see us for a free consultation so that we can examine your mouth to see what kind of result you can expect by using our advanced denture techniques. For this we are one of the very few accredited users of the mandibular denture suction technique developed by Dr Abe from Tokyo, Japan.

In a similar study conducted in 2002, 30 male adults with HIV were administered 600mg of Deca-Durabolin (an anabolic steroid) for 16 weeks . Like before, there were no significant negative changes found in these men except for a slight decrease in the level of HDL cholesterol. In fact, one of the groups in this study had undergone weight training. This group experienced an improvement in their cholesterol levels. These studies are clear proof that the responsible use of anabolic steroids in healthy male adults does not pose a significant health risk.

Equipoise good or bad

equipoise good or bad


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