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January 2014 .   Cethrin ‘s Scientific Mechanism Independently Validated Once Again . An article in JAMA Neurology reviews preclinical research on Rho signaling and concludes that “…the in vivo data are consistent with RhoA/ROCK inhibition improving locomotor outcome after experimental SCI by a magnitude that, were it replicated in human clinical trials, would represent an important advance in the management of acute SCI.” The proof-of-concept papers for the development of Cethrin as a Rho inhibitor are highlighted as particularly promising.

Diplomacy became delicate in the early 20th century. Russia was troubled by the Entente Cordiale between Great Britain and France signed in 1904. Russia and France already had a mutual defense agreement that said France was obliged to threaten Britain with an attack if Britain declared war on Russia, while Russia was to concentrate more than 300,000 troops on the Afghan border for an incursion into India in the event that Britain attacked France. The solution was to bring Russia into the British-French alliance. The Anglo-Russian Entente and the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 made both countries part of the Triple Entente . Both countries were then part of the subsequent alliance against the Central Powers in the First World War . In the summer of 1914, Austria threatened Serbia, Russia promised to help Serbia, Germany promised to help Austria, and war broke out between Russia and Germany. France supported Russia. Britain was neutral until Germany suddenly invaded neutral Belgium, then Britain joined France and Russia in World War I against Germany and Austria. [25]

Equipoise genesis

equipoise genesis


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