Does hcg work for men

You can, but I don't recommend it and this is why. Dose of hCG is very individual and is important to both experiencing the least hunger and best weight loss - if you pre-load your needles you will not be able to effectively adjust your dose of hCG as necessary - both at the start when you may not be sure what your best dose is just yet, and then once you find it, it's common to need to reduce your dose as you get thinner - so I prefer to leave the hCG in the bottle and draw up the hCG each on the protocol so I can have control over how much I'm injecting and have that ability to adjust as needed.

BOTTOM LINE: hCG use for weight loss carries huge potential health risks and has no proven benefit. The overwhelming majority of evidence does NOT support the use of hCG for weight loss. The associated weight loss comes from a starvation-like diet which restricts caloric intake to 500-800 calories per day which has been associated with life threatening arrhythmias, electrolyte imbalances, gallstones, kidney stones and gout. Injectable hCG has NEVER been approved for weight loss and carries many risks including but not limited to cardiac arrest and death. At CardioMender, MD we have treated many patients who have come to us after being on hCG Diets for weight loss. Some have had complications of the hCG and all have gained the weight back. You can lose weight on a diet but you will typically gain it back since the diet ‘solution’ does NOT address the root cause of the problem. Our program specifically addresses the root cause of why people take in more calories than they burn and what obstacles need to be overcome to address the root cause so that achieved weight loss is sustained!

I did a 5 week program with an Age Management and Weight Loss facility here in TN. I lost 29 lbs in that 5 weeks giving myself daily HCG shots and seeing the DR once a week for the B12 Lipo Lean shot. It worked. It was the easiest diet I have ever done. I did not cheat not once. My family and friends sure noticed the difference. I ordered two bottles of the HCG drops to see if I can lose the additonal 25 lbs I want to use. I already know what I have to do but I will be exercising this round….HCG is a miracle drug for me. If I can do it anyone can do it….

Does hcg work for men

does hcg work for men


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