Boldenone transdermal

High purity and good quality
Good for oral or injection use
High rates of success in shipment to USA/Europe etc
Partial refund is offered if shipment failed

*1 week for samples
*1-2 weeks after getting payment for commercial quantity

T/T or western uinon

• Shelf life: 2 years
• If any quality issues, it should be claimed within 3 weeks from the date of arrival at destination.
• Refunds will be given or the goods will be replaced by qualified material. All charges involved are on NOVACHEM's account.

I received a lot of criticism when Anabolics 2000 was released and people first read my advice on snorting crushed Finaplix pellets. It seems many were baffled by this recommendation, and are convinced trenbolone cannot be used this way with any success. Yes, trenbolone, as all anabolic-androgenic steroid hormones, is not structured for ready absorption through skin or tissue membranes. But that doesn’t mean it is totally incapable of being absorbed this way, just that this is not an ideal route of administration. The reality is that it can and does work this way, albeit perhaps not as efficiently as other methods. I wouldn’t have put this practice in my book if I hadn’t seen it work, first hand, on several people. They typically snorted two to three pellets per day, one per application to make the process more tolerable. That would be a maximum dose of 60mg trenbolone acetate per day, or 420mg a week. We can take guesses as to how much exactly gets absorbed and used by the body, but even with 25% utilization rate 105mg is still an effective amount of trenbolone considering how potent an androgen it is. Off all the methods discussed in this article, snorting is one of the least efficient in terms of overall delivery, second only to oral dosing.

Boldenone transdermal

boldenone transdermal


boldenone transdermalboldenone transdermal